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"God Gives and God Takes Away" - But God is With Us

Good morning,

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

How lovely to see the sun recently week, hopefully spring will soon be here to stay. 

Are there any advantages to losing your sight?

During this week I was asked a question which seemed unusual at first but it has given me something to think about. 

The question was "are there any advantages to losing your sight?".  Apart from not knowing that the windows need cleaning or there are crumbs on the carpet my answer would be a definite NO.  Of all my disabilities being blind is the one I struggle with the most.

Doing things differently

I have been thinking about this and how over the last year I have learnt to do things differently so that I can still enjoy doing the things I have always done.  I love to read and there is such a wide range of audio books that I can still enjoy a book and I also have a lovely lady who comes to read to me which I find so relaxing.

New shoots

Most of you know that my garden is my sanctuary.  I love to sit out there and listen to the different sounds I was unaware of when I had my sight.  This week I have been feeling all my plants and shrubs and discovering all the new shoots and buds and I know they will soon be in flower and the perfume from my hyacinths is wonderful.

"God gives and God takes away"

There is an old saying "God gives and God takes away".  We all suffer loss in some way and I don't look at it as God taking away but maybe changing us, sometimes in ways we don't understand. This can mean doing things differently if we are to enjoy all that God gives. God is with us, and wants to give us good things.

God is with us

What I do know is that when I am struggling God is with me, strengthening me and giving me the peace that only comes from Him. For God is with us, Emmanuel. God wants to bring us to "green pastures", "still waters", so that our "cup overflows". This can be experienced as we begin doing things differently.

Psalm 23: Deepest Darkness

Many of us are studying Psalm 23 at the moment and v.4 says " Even though I go through the deepest darkness I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me, Your shepherd's rod and staff protect me". 

I have God's light

For me most of the time is physically dark but I have God's light and when it comes to mental darkness I know however long it takes God will protect me, be with me along the path and bring me out the other side.

"My grace is all you need" - God is with us

If you are struggling in any way at the moment I hope this may help.  One Bible verse I love is 2 Corinthians 12 v.9 "My grace is all you need, My power works best in weakness".  Have a good week and, as we move into spring, enjoy the beauty of God's creation in whatever way you can.  Amen

"God gives and God takes away". But God gives wonderfully more than God takes. And God is with us

Doing things differently

How will you be doing things differently?

Love, Wendy



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