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Precious Memories & Magic Moments

Dear friends,

Magic Moments?

We are sometimes sold things on the basis that “it will give you wonderful memories”.

I certainly have some wonderful and precious memories. I also have wonderful hopes. Supremely, there is the hope of eternity in Christ. 

Magic Moments, Precious Memories, Future Hopes

Hopes are like “future memories” - events and things we think about. The difference is that these ones have not yet happened.

My “memory” stretches forwards as well as back.

Such future hope helps me not dwell overmuch on the past or on myself. 

Future Hopes

Future hope helps me have eyes more open to others around me. It helps me engage with the present. It helps me “seek first God’s kingdom and what he requires”. It helps me know that God can use even the toughest moments of life to make me more like Christ.

Hence I discover not just "Magic Moments|" but life-transforming hope.

Life-transforming hope

Memories involve looking back. They are important – the Bible encourages us to remember God’s goodness to us.

But if all they are is wonderful memories, then we are to be pitied. For one day those memories will have disappeared.

But if we have hope, everything good in the past will be transformed into something even better in the future.

May we do things not for wonderful memories of the past, not for "Magic Moments",  but for others, for joy in the enriching and experience they bring, and in the service of Christ: whose service is perfect freedom.

Eternal Riches

So shall we be enriched in eternity.

Love,  Martin



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