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Christ is King in the Battles of Life - Consider Jesus

      Celebrating Christ the King!

We live in a world in rebellion against the rule of Christ. That is why any service of love can be so difficult – we combat the wider world, the devil, and our own fallen nature. I know – for I am in this battle!

But if you find it hard, that is a sign of life – it is only living fish that swim upstream.

   Consider Jesus

In your battle, consider Jesus, who put up with put-downs, rudeness, abuse, persecution and more. On the cross he cried, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.’ There will have been moments when something of that has been on your heart or lips.

At moments like this, lift up your hearts and minds and eyes to the heavenly kingdom where Christ reigns. On the day of resurrection, despair and darkness gave way to the victory of love

“Because You are Worth It”

In this life we pass though fire – but committed to God it is used to purify us so that we are ready for eternity. “Because” in Christ  - you are worth it”.

Christ staked his life on you and hung on the cross-shaped stake set up on the hill of Calvary. Consider Jesus.

He who staked his life for you challenges you and me to stake our lives for him. Because at the end of the day only love matters; and love is found only in the God whom we meet in Christ.

Lift up your heart

Lift up your heart to the Lord – Consider Jesus! - for as we do so, we find hope and sustenance for the battles of the day and those of tomorrow.

Love, Martin

PS Do contact us to find about way of exploring Christian faith.



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