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Christians are not exempt from pressure

Christians are not exempt from stress 

Is it just me or do you sometimes hesitate before switching on the news. I know it is our Christian duty to pray for the world but at the moment we are all struggling to cope with our own lives. One encouragement is that the Bible was written mostly to people who were battling persecution, exile, economic uncertainty and plenty of other struggles.  

Many experience greater stress because they are followers of Christ. 

Christians are not exempt from pressure, many experience greater stress because they are followers of Christ. In Luke's gospel - Ch.5 v.27-32 - we read about Levi. He was the last person anybody would expect Jesus to call to follow Him. He was a tax collector and completely despised by the community. He had a big income, a palatial house and endless resources. Luke tells us that Levi held a huge banquet to honour Jesus but then walked away from security and luxury because he wanted to be an apprentice of Jesus. Occasionally the disciples who were fishermen went back to fishing but Levi turned his back on his past life and did not regret his decision to give up his previous lifestyle. 

Being a follower of Jesus can increase stress 

Being a follower of Jesus doesn't always relieve the pressure but can increase it. Think of the thousands of persecuted Christians around the world who are suffering because of their love for Jesus. Even so, I wouldn't want to live without Jesus being at my side and He is there not only in the good times but, most importantly, during the hard times in our lives. 

God’s help in stress 

We don't prove that we have great faith by our ability to steer away from trouble and stress but by being able to steer through it with God's help. 

Jesus is by our side in stress 

As we begin to live again without so many restrictions there will be "bumps in the road" but Jesus will be there by our sides whether the road is bumpy or smooth. 

When the road is rough and steep 

Fix your eyes upon Jesus.... 

Jesus is a gracious friend 

One on whom you can depend 

He is faithful to the end 

Fix your eyes upon Him. 

Wendy Coxhill  



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