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Do you focus on the big things or ponder on the small things

Thanking God for the Small Things

Which matter most?

Do you focus on the big things or ponder on the small things?  We probably should do both.  I have been really ill for the last six weeks and have had a lot of time to think.  I had a tendency to get frustrated over the things I couldn't do but having had a period of not being able to do anything I now realise the importance of being able to do small things.

Are we like that when we pray?  Do we forget to thank God for the small things He does for us every day.   The Lord's Prayer asks God for daily bread but do we think to say thankyou for our food which He provides in abundance, something a large proportion of the world does not have.  Do we regularly pray for our family and friends or do we just do that when there is a particular need.  Loneliness is a huge problem and we should give thanks for the people in our lives.

      Loaves and fishes

There are examples in the Bible of small acts having bigger consequences.  In John 6 v.1-15 a small boy's lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fishes feeds 5,000+ people.  In Mark 12 v.41-44 a poor widow puts two small coins into the temple collection but Jesus says it is the greatest gift of the day because it was all that she had and she gave it to God.  Luke 13 v.18-19. Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed, the smallest seed which grows into a huge tree.

Small is wonderful

So if you think that you only have something small to give be assured that God will turn it into something much bigger.  Of course it is right to shout out in praise to God for all the amazing things He does but when you pray don't forget to thank Him for the small things He does in our daily lives.  People say "big is beautiful" but when we come to God the small things are wonderful as well.

Have a good week and remember that God is there in those small things.

God bless, Amen

Love, Wendy



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