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Give thanks, and remember the small things

Good morning

I recently spent some time watching the Chelsea flower show.  I was particularly interested in two of the gardens, one was a fully wheelchair accessible woodland valley and the other was designed to help those with mental health issues.

I give thanks for my garden

While I have been recovering from surgery I have spent a lot of time in my own garden and it's made me think that whilst the Chelsea gardens were spectacular I have everything I need in my garden.

It is wheelchair accessible and sensory and my anxiety issues disappear when I can smell the lilac blossom, hear the birds singing and feel the sun on my arms. 

Small Things Make a Difference

Even these small things make an enormous difference.

So are we like this with other things in life?  Do we hanker for something bigger and better when we actually have what we need and the most important question is are we like this with God? Do we give thanks?

When we pray do we ask for things we may not need?  I'm not saying there is anything we cannot take to God.  

In the last six weeks I have taken many needs to God - please take this pain away,  please let me recover enough so that I won't be a burden to my daughters, please let me be well enough to continue my ministry - and He has answered my prayers. 

God always listens and answers

God always listens to us but when He answers our prayers in ways we were not expecting is it because we are asking for something we do not need.  

Remember the small things

Also remember the small things. 

I still try to maintain my Lent challenge this year which is, at the end of the day, to thank God for three small things He has done for me that day.  Most importantly, during our prayer time we should give thanks for everything He has done.  I will finish with some lines from a well known worship song which cover the most amazing thing God has done for us all.

Give thanks

"Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy one

Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son"

Have a good week and be blessed in your time of prayer.  Amen



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