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God save the King!

Captured by Christ?

Many years ago I was at an Alpha group dinner seated between a convicted government minister and a convicted thief. Each shared about how they had met with Jesus in prison.

Friendship with Jesus unites

Their friendship with Jesus meant they themselves became friends. They had been captured by Christ - by the love of Christ

God's Kingdom Unites

The kingdom of Christ unites across all boundaries in forgiveness and the gift of the Spirit, or “Personal Presence”, of the Risen Christ. Christ is the King over all who really knows it what it means when the prayer "God save the King" is answered. It was fully answered on Easter Day.


All earthly kingdoms are but shadows of this, Christ’s, eternal kingdom. In many ways, the role of the church in the Coronation seeks to anticipate this. “Thy kingdom come.” May we, may the King, be captured by Christ.

The King Needs Help: God save the King

The King is anointed, an enacted prayer for God’s Spirit to equip him. In effect a prayer that King Charles may have the wisdom of Solomon, and indeed of Christ. May God save the King! May he be captured by Christ who is love and wisdom.

True Diversity

Those involved represent the diversity of our nation. Diversity is rooted in Christ or it eventually crumbles. Christ alone can truly unite across divides. All else can only be rooted in power, and so inevitably lacks roots of love and tolerance. The cross alone assures us that love is the ultimate “power”.

The Church an Umbrella

When our late Queen spoke of the Church of England as an umbrella under which other traditions might find shelter, this is the sort of thing she was referring to. It is faithful Christian witness and action that can tend and encourage the diversity we give thanks for. We point to Christ in and through the service of others.

Uncertain Kingship

Which is what kingship can mean. The Old Testament is in something of two minds when it thinks of kingship. Is it a good thing: will the king serve others? Or is it a bad thing, will the king love power for its own sake? Perhaps 

our own national conversation at the moment reflects in measure similar uncertainty.

God Save the King

By God’s grace, may King Charles III be a king who reigns with wisdom and points to Christ. 

The Best Answer

This would be the best answer to the prayer, "God save the King!"

Love, Martin



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