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God Still Does Miracles – Yes or No?

Is it true that God Still Does Miracles?

Good morning,

I was having coffee with a friend this week and we were talking about miracles.  Do you believe that God performs miracles in this world which appears to be broken at the moment and really needs God to reign supreme, or do you think that miracles were something from the gospels. In other words:  God still does miracles – yes or no? Is it true that "God holds the future" - nor is it all chance?

We see Miracles All the Time - God Holds the Future Open

I think we see God's miracles all the time. Indeed, God still does miracles! We see news reports where people are pulled out of rubble after being missing for several days, groundbreaking medical advances which will save many lives, for example the Corona virus vaccine. Then there are many miracles in the small things of life.

So how about on a more personal level.  In Addenbrooks post-natal department there is a picture on the wall of my granddaughter with the caption "miracle Matilda".  All the top consultants and the modern technology couldn't save her but God decided that she would live, definitely a miracle. God still does miracles. Miracles in the small things and indeed, miracles in the large things.

See the Miracles God is Doing!

Quite often when people are ill friends and relatives pray for a miracle.  Many people ask me how I feel that God doesn't heal me when they pray for a miracle but God most definitely does heal me.  I can't walk and I am blind but every morning I get out of bed, get dressed and get into my wheelchair, admittedly with a great deal of help from my carer, but I have a team of doctors who tell me that this shouldn't be possible and that I should be bed bound.  The evangelist in me tells them that it is because God heals me, which they don't comment on but I know that God is performing a miracle in my life. Indeed, though this may seem but one of the miracles in the small things, to me this is a large things

God Still Does Miracles: see the Miracles in the Small Things

So maybe at this rather depressing time it would be good to see God's miracles in the small things in our lives and give Him our thanks.  We don't always see God in the routine every day things but we live in a world created by God and surrounded by His blessings.

Have a good week and may you know the presence of the God of miracles in your everyday lives. For God still does miracles. Look for the miracles in the small things.

God Holds the Future

I know who holds the future
I know who holds the future
And He guides me with His hands
With God things don't just happen
Every thing by Him is planned
So as I face the future
With it's problems large and small
I'll trust the God of miracles
Give to Him my all.

For God holds the future - God who does miracles in the large things and miracles in the small things of life. Amen

Love, Wendy



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