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God’s Presence with us always

Good morning

God’s Presence in all seasons

We often experience strong winds in winter.  A while back, I went into the garden for a short time one morning as I like to hear the leaves rustling and the sound of the wind blowing through the grasses.  I could imagine everywhere looking very autumnal and nature getting ready for winter. 

When I came back indoors I could still hear the wind and it started me thinking about Pentecost - I do know it's October but God's Spirit is with us for all seasons!  

The Gales of God’s Presence

On that day - Acts 2 v 1-11 - the disciples are outside meeting together when suddenly they hear a powerful gale like the mighty desert wind.  This wind is a symbol of the great gale of God's Spirit pouring out upon them.  From that time on they will be inspired and filled with the love of Christ.  In Joel 2 v28 he prophesies that one day God's Spirit would be poured out on all people, not just the disciples, and that applies to us today.

The Hope of God’s Presence

Right at the end of the Bible - Revelation 22 - it says that we must live holy lives, ready to welcome Jesus at any time.  V.17 "The Spirit and the bride say come". The people of God and His Spirit within them are united in their longing for Jesus to return.  This can be the centre of hope in our daily lives.  Whenever we are struggling in any way we can ask to be filled with God's Spirit to strengthen and guide us. 

God’s Presence helps us listen

To go back to my love of nature, on the day of Pentecost after the wind came the flames and the disciples starting to speak in languages from all over the world.  

A crowd gathers and they stand together hearing God praised in their own language. 

God and COP26

My hope is that at the COP Summit=s and other such gatherings everyone stands together hearing each other in any language. 

We not only need to save our planet for future generations but God made us stewards of His creation and we are not doing a good job.  

Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to guide every person working for the good of the planet to make good decisions to preserve God's wonderful creation.

Have a good week and enjoy the beauty of autumn all around us.

God bless you all.    Wendy



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