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Good morning this lockdown 

Is it just me or does it feel like everything is suspended and in limbo? We are waiting to see if the lockdown is taking effect, and we know nothing will change until March, and waiting for the vaccination programme to start protecting us from the virus. There is talk about if and where we will be able to have a holiday this year. Most of all we just want to see our friends and families face to face and I do so need a hug!  

Some days it seems too much and it feels as if we are carrying too much heavy baggage. In Matthew 11 v.27-30. Jesus invites those who are tired of life or weighed down to come to him for rest. Like a skilled and careful carpenter shaping a yoke He will fit us with the gentle liberating purpose of God. Our yoke goes across his shoulders too for He shares it with us setting the direction of our life and taking the strain.

In Galatians 6 v.2 Paul describes Christian care as carrying one another's burdens. We each have a load to bear made up of problems and sorrows but we can help one another. This is one way we can obey Jesus' commandment to love one another.

So please don't struggle on alone if everything seems too much at the moment. In your prayers ask God to take your problems on Him and you can be relieved of the weight of them. Also share your problems with a good friend you can trust. You may find they have problems of their own and need someone to talk to.

Have a good week, keep safe and warm and remember God has broad shoulders to carry your troubles.  

Are we weak and heavy laden 

Cumbered with a load of care 

Precious Saviour still our refuge 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. Amen 

Wendy Coxhill



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