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How has your week been? Consider Mary & Martha

How has your week been? 

One afternoon I was resting on my bed contemplating how dramatically my life has changed over the last few years. I had just received the results of a scan which were not particularly optimistic and thought how my illness has changed me from a Martha to a Mary (Luke 10 v.38-42). 

No longer did I have all that busyness I once had.

Mary & Martha: which are you?

They welcome Jesus into their home. Martha is busying herself in the kitchen with all the preparations and Mary is just sitting at Jesus' feet listening to Him. Martha asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her as she is doing all the work by herself and His reply is that Mary is doing something supremely important - she is taking in God's word which is the only food that matters.

I used to be a Martha

I know that I used to be a Martha, always busy doing something and not making time to listen to God but now I am able to do very little I find I frequently hear from God because I have the time to listen. Would I like to go back to that busyness all the time - yes in a heartbeat, but that special time I can spend with God is His gift to encourage and strengthen me in my life.

We probably need to be a mixture of Mary and Martha

In reality we probably need to be a mixture of Mary and Martha so that we get things done but also have the time to sit at Jesus' feet and hear from God.

Have a safe and good week and try to find a short time in the busyness to spend that special time with God. You don't need an appointment, He is always there to be with you.

To be in your presence 

To sit at your feet 

Where Your love surrounds me 

And makes me complete 

This is my desire, O Lord 

This is my desire. 


Wendy Coxhill 



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