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How is everyone doing in lockdown?

How is everyone doing in lockdown? It seems, as in all things, there are two sides of the coin for every problem.

Working parents want children to go back to school because school closures directly impacts on them but teachers don't want schools open because of Covid spreading.  

Business owners want to carry on as normal because lockdown impacts on their financial stability but people with physical health problems want everyone to socially distance because catching Covid could kill them. 

 Those with mental health problems are seriously affected by isolation and need to spend time with other people. 

Many can't wait to be vaccinated but others are concerned it could affect ongoing health problems. It is complicated to say the least but the overriding emotion at the moment is fear. 

Many churches are praying Psalm 91 daily. 

My Study Bible entitles it as "the absolute reliability of God". 

The remedy for fear is a close relationship with God, v1 " rest in the shadow of the Almighty ". v.2 " He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust ". 

The opposite of fear is trust in God. 

V.4 " under His wings you will find refuge, you are safe in His arms." You do not need to be afraid about the future and you can be in the present without fear

I know, more than many, what it is like to fear the future but if we dig deep we can put our faith above our fear. 

If you have a moment please read through the whole of Psalm 91. 

It is as relevant for us now as it was when written. 

Please keep safe. 

We are still in the Christmas season so let us remember Emmanuel - God with us - not just at Christmas but always. 

God bless you all. 


Wendy Coxhill 



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