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How is your Prayer Life? Do you have Perseverance in Prayer

Good morning,

Recently we listened to the reading about Jesus being presented in the temple - Luke 2 v.22-38.  The thing that struck me the most was Anna's perseverance in prayer.  She stayed in the temple for over seventy years praying for the Saviour to come and on that day her prayers were answered when she saw the baby Jesus. I wonder if there were moments when she would struggle in prayer?

Perseverance in Prayer

So how about our own prayer lives?  Do we have perseverance in prayer or after a few weeks do we move on to a different prayer thinking that God is not listening?  Sometimes we struggle in prayer not knowing what to pray for or how to pray.

Do you struggle in Prayer?

If this is you at the moment try to pray in a different way; there are so many.  We like to stay in our comfort zones but trying something that "is not me" can have surprising results.  There is no right or wrong ways to pray; if our prayers come from the heart God will listen but He does not always answer in the way we had hoped. 

How to have more Perseverance in Prayer

Let's look at some of the ways we can pray.  There are so many but these are some that have helped me.  Listen to some of your favourite worship songs, music always stirs the Spirit within me.  Look at a picture that relaxes you.  If you don't have a picture in front of you do what I do and close your eyes and imagine.  Maybe try some creative prayer.  Light a candle and look into the flame, have a bowl of water with a few stones in it.  Put your hands in and let the water run between your fingers and feel the stones.  Silence is a powerful form of prayer, it gives you time to listen to God.  Before I was ill I found this really difficult but now I love the feeling that there is only God and me in the room and I can feel His presence with me.

Speaking the problem aloud can be the start of the solution

Speaking the problem aloud can be the beginning of solving it. If you have something worrying you try and find a person you can trust to pray with you.  Just speaking the problem aloud can be the beginning of solving it.

I hope this helps your prayer life

I hope this is helpful.  I hope this will help you have perseverance in prayer, help you keep going when you struggle in prayer. We have a loving Father who is available all the time and He is waiting for us to go to Him not only with our needs but also our praise.

Have a good week and may you know God's presence with you in everything you do.  May this help you have more perseverance in prayer. Amen.


Our Prayer Garden at St Mary's is open every day, not far from Parndon Mill



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