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How to have Christmas during Lockdown 

“We’re not going!” 

“What”, said to the two wise men to the third one. 

“Yes, didn’t you hear it on the radio. Christmas has been cancelled.” 

“Surely not! Why?” 

“Well, they have got this terrible virus and everyone has been told to stay indoors.” 

“Surely babies are still delivered and people still go to stay with family when a babe is born?” 

“No that’s not the problem.” 

“So maybe God is afraid to send the Rescuer into the world. After all, he may not live very long” 

“No, that’s not it either. The ancient prophecies suggest he will have a tough time anyway.” 

“So, what’s the problem?” 

“Well it’s the Rule of Six.” 

“Hang on a minute, I thought they were ruled by Herod” 

“No no no. The rules says that only 6 people can get together – so no Christmas!” 

“Well what’s the problem. Mum, dad, baby, us three. That's six.” 

“Well there is the innkeeper.” 

“Yes but won’t be there at the same time.” 

“Well what about the shepherds.” 

“No that’s okay too; we can make sure we arrive at a different time.” 

“Angels?” “Don’t count” 

“Well what about the rest of the family.” 

“No that’s okay too. They can have the baby down in the room where the animals are. 

That keeps them clear from everyone else. Bit smelly, but snug.” 

“So what is the problem?” 

“Their King cancelled it. He said Christmas is just about having a party. Nothing to do with someone coming into the world to rescue them.” 

“Don’t fall for that one. He’ll do anything to stop people coming to worship the new King. I wouldn’t put it past him to kill every baby he comes across.” 

“So then, Christmas isn’t cancelled” 

“Of course not. The baby is coming into the world to rescue us. And he will help us see what really matters - not just life in this world but in the life to come. He’ll help us get everything in perspective” 

“Melchior, has Amazon delivered the gold and spices yet?” 

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