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I wish it could be a Wizzard Christmas everyday

Could it be Christmas Everyday?

Are you having a Wizzard Christmas?

In 1973 Wizzard sang these words that you can still hear frequently in the Harvey Centre at this season:

“Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday

When the kids start singing and

the band begins to play

Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Let the bells ring out for Christmas”

A wish granted

This wish was granted 2000 years ago. The first Christmas was a time of difficulty. A key point about Christmas is that the joy and celebration of the original Christmas was at a time of struggle, anxiety and fear even.

A long trip to Bethlehem by the young couple, Mary pregnant.  Having to bed down in the room where the animals came at night, since the guest room was full. Fleeing from murderous soldiers and becoming refugees in Egypt.

The Christian festival is an invitation to have the same eyes of hope, faith and love, even in the midst of daily life. It is the eyes of faith that made those events joyous ones. To eyes of faith it is Christmas everyday. The Wizzard Christmas wish is already granted.

May God open your eyes to know the presence of Christ with you in the midst of whatever you do this week

God is Nowhere

It is eyes of faith that make the difference

“God is nowhere”


“God is now here”

are the same letters seen differently.

God is Now Here

At Bethlehem, some saw just another migrant family. But others saw a godly family making room for God in their midst; for that child was God dwelling with us. For Mary it really was Christmas everyday, even if it would take until the resurrection of Christ for her to realise it fully.

That Wizzard Christmas wish: it can be Christmas Everyday

Today, may you see the ordinary things with extraordinary eyes. May you you have wonderful Christmas, and may it be Christmas everyday,

Love, Martin

Christ, the greatest Christmas gift of all



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