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Imagination and the Bible

Good morning

While I was ilI a while back I listened to quite a few books.  To me it's a form of escapism to become involved in a story whether it's romantic, historical, crime or whatever genre appeals to you. 


Because I am blind I "see" with my imagination and can be wherever I want to be!

Imagination and Geography

A very long time ago I participated in a course studying the Bible by focusing on the geographical places in the passages and I can remember studying those stories in a  different way. Using your Imagination and the Bible together can be very powerful.

Close Your Eyes: Use Your Imagination

I quite often speak about how many different ways there are to pray but this also applies to reading the Bible.  For something different read the passage, then close your eyes and imagine a picture of what you have read.  It may bring the words alive for you. 

I will suggest a few passages for this but there are literally hundreds you can apply this to.

Imagination and the Bible

Genesis ch.2. The garden of Eden has a sense of pleasure and peace, rivers flow around it and in the centre are the two trees.

Genesis ch.8. Picture Noah and his family in the ark as the flood waters increase around them and then the rainbow, the sign of God's assurance 

Exodus 16.  The Israelites are wandering in the desert and we can imagine the heat, the sand and the exhaustion they must feel.

Moving on to the New Testament and, of course, we start with the coming of Jesus.  There is so much in this that you can choose any of the gospels and think of the whole scenario. 

Imagination at Easter

Of course the same applies to the Easter story, but there is one event which I can see vividly - John ch.20.

Mary Magdalene goes to Jesus' tomb very early on the Sunday morning.  It is still dark and everywhere must have been very quiet.  She is horrified to find the tomb empty but then Jesus calls her name, to me one of the most poignant events in the Bible.

John ch.21. Breakfast by the sea when Jesus appears to the disciples after the resurrection and cooks for them.

You can smell the sea and the fish as it is grilling.

Copyright: Bruno van der Kraan

Why Not Use Your Imagination More When Reading the Bible?

Maybe you can try one of your favourite passages and use all your senses, sight, sound, smell, to bring it alive for you.

Remember the first line of an old Sunday School song, "The best book to read is the Bible". Hopefully, none of us will argue with that!

Bible Alive!

Have a good week and I pray that the Bible will come alive for you in a new and exciting way.   Amen.

Love, Wendy



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