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Jesus Christ is risen today

Jesus Christ is risen today 

He is risen indeed. 

HALLELUJAH Happy Easter this Springtime 

This week it has felt like spring is here and there are some positive changes to the lockdown restrictions. Dare we hope on this Resurrection Day that our lives will soon be resurrected to being able to be with our family and friends, going shopping or out for a coffee. We give thanks that our churches are re-opened on this special day. One certain thing is that we will need to walk with Jesus as we go forward

We do not always recognise Jesus

There are instances in the Easter story of Jesus appearing after the resurrection and not being recognised. One of the most poignant is in John 20 v.1-10. Mary is blinded by her tears at the empty tomb and thinks the man standing nearby is the gardener. It is not until Jesus speaks her name that she recognises Jesus.

Mary did not recognise Jesus at first

Luke 24 v.13-35. It is now the afternoon. Cleopas and probably his wife are on their way home to Emmaus and as they walk a stranger joins them. He asks them what they are talking about and Cleopas tells him the whole story and invites the stranger to share their evening meal. As the stranger breaks the bread and blesses it they recognize Jesus

John 20 v.24-31. In the evening Jesus appears to His disciples who are afraid and behind locked doors. Thomas was not there and refuses to believe that Jesus is alive. A week later Jesus appears again to His disciples and Thomas is there. Jesus invites him to touch his wounds and stop doubting. Thomas accepts this is Jesus with the words "my Lord and my God" 

Do we have problems recognising Jesus? 

So are we like any of these characters? Do we have to hear Jesus' voice, recognize His mannerisms or see His wounds to believe He is alive and with us - always. Let us pray that we have enough faith to always proclaim "my Lord and my God"  

Have a blessed Easter 

Have a blessed Easter Day and may you know that the risen Jesus is with you throughout the coming week. 

Amen Wendy Coxhill 


The mosaic at St Paul’s showing 

Christ with his two followers who lived in Emmaus



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