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Let’s Celebrate Christmas

Let’s celebrate Christmas and bring gladness to the heart of Harlow! Let’s decorate 

St Pauls Church inside and out! 

Big items and small It’s a big building with lots of windows, flat roofs and some high parts. 

Plenty of space and place for  

⁃ very large nativities (flat roof), 
 ⁃ large stars (perhaps on top of the bell tower) 
⁃ Christmas Trees (inside and out) 
⁃ uplighting so the whole building shines 
⁃ fairy lights 
⁃ small nativities (inside) 
⁃ decorate the windows ⁃ and more 

Theme: Christmas!

Anyone can take part: Family, Business, Charity, School, Organisation, etc. 

We will publicise your involvement using social media and you may put up appropriate signage.

Would you like to take part? 
Please Visit Our Dedicated Page

And let us know

⁃ Item you would like to install 

⁃ What sort of space you need (eg inside, flat roof, window etc.) 

⁃ how much space you need (eg footage, number of windows etc) 

⁃ Whether it needs electricity (please note: power limited 

- we are working to upgrade; batteries best) 

⁃ How long you need to install it  

There is no charge but you would be responsible for the setting up, installation etc. We will seek to support you as much as possible

Installation between Thursday 3rd December and Monday 7th December (inclusive) Items will need to be removed by those installing asap after Wednesday 6th January and in any event by Saturday 16th January. 



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