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Many of you know I sometimes use my garden as inspiration to write my reflections and I am doing that this week.

Each morning after breakfast I open my patio doors and sit in the doorway and get ten minutes fresh air. I can hear the birds singing and the sound of my wind chimes and it is relaxing. At the beginning of the week I opened the doors and there was this beautiful scent and I realized my hyacinth bulbs had come into flower. 

They had battled their way through last week's snow and are now a real sign of spring. It made me think that we are battling adversity at the moment but that first sign of hope is in sight. 

Nature and God's creation continues as it always has done. When I got the bulbs in autumn I was determined to plant them myself. I wasn't sure I had planted them deeply enough or even the right way up but nature overcame my inadequacies. It also gave me a sense of achievement. 

Planting bulbs is not difficult for most people but for me it was a struggle and this made me think that sometimes we should credit ourselves when we have achieved something we thought we could not do. At the present time many are struggling with self worth and maybe we should not set our sights too high and thank God when we achieve something, however small, that we thought we could not do.

The Bible has many passages of people feeling unworthy when called by God. In Exodus 4 v.10-14 Moses pleads with God that he isn't good enough to lead His people out of Egypt but in the end has to admit he doesn't want to go and is no good at leadership. With God's help he managed the task. John 13 v.5-8 Peter protests he is not worthy for Jesus to wash his feet but afterwards Jesus explains He is showing the disciples what they must do for one another after He has gone. In Paul's letters to Timothy he tries to reassure him. Timothy is a senior figure in the church at Ephesus but he feels young and inexperienced and is a shy person. Paul writes to encourage him to be confident in God.

It is right to humble ourselves before God but it also right to rejoice in achieving something we thought we couldn't do. Everything is possible when we use God's strength and we can let the glory go to Him. 

Have a good week and let us pray for the government's decision tomorrow as we contemplate coming out of lockdown. Let us ask God to keep us safe. 

May you know His presence and strength in everything you do this week.  Amen 

Wendy Coxhill 



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