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Wendy writes on Mindfulness

Good morning


How are you at organising your diary? 

I am usually quite good as I cannot work for long periods without resting.  However, recently circumstances were against me. 

I  had an appointment with my consultant to discuss the results of a CT scan.  For two days I had builders in my garden constructing a new patio.  They were cutting through concrete tiles and had an electric mixer going and I am really bad at tolerating noise but I am very pleased with the end result.  I just need the weather to be nice enough to sit out there!

More Frustrations

The on the Wednesday my daughter took me shopping and we got caught in the torrential rain.  She had to change all my wet clothes for me before going home. 

On Thursday I had a solicitor's appointment to draft my Will and on Friday I had to catch up with all the things I hadn't done.  Yesterday I was so tired I stayed in bed until lunch time.


If you go online or flick through a magazine it won't take long to find an article on mindfulness.  We are told to breathe deeply, clear our minds and think of pleasant things which will relieve our stress. 

Mindfulness and Prayer

I think that Christians have been doing this for centuries, it is called prayer.  Each evening last week I sat on my sofa or laid in bed and just waited to feel God's presence. 

I knew that God was with me

I didn't say anything but I knew that God was there with me, sustaining me and filling me with His Holy Spirit.

Busyness and Mindfulness

I know so many lead exceptionally busy lives but why not try to find even just ten minutes to be in God's presence and let Him revive and restore you with His Spirit.

Have a good week and may you know God with you in everything you do.  Amen

Love, Wendy



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