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Revelation: Apocalypse Now

Dear friends

The Penny Drops

The penny drops. “Ha ha”, we say, “I’ve got it. I see now. I’ll do things differently from now on.”

We often use language like this. There isn’t a penny. Nothing drops. We might say it is a “lightbulb“ moment - though there is no light bulb that comes on. And our behaviour changes.

Over the coming weeks we are having a sermon series on the book of Revelation. In this book Pastor John, who helped care for seven churches in Asia, wants to help “pennies drop” for those churches.

Poetry Now

There were of course no “pennies”. But John uses another familiar language to the people of his day. To get his message across he uses poetry.

There are the government proclamations that arrive by horseback; there are documents to be opened and seals to break. There are announcements to be made by messengers (angels).

Apocalypse Now

John’s aim is to help his readers see reality; and his book can do the same for us. A reality in which despite appearances, God really is reigning and is ushering in a new future, a future where there will be no more pandemics and plagues, no more global warming, there will be good housing and much besides. There really is Apocalypse Now, and has been since the resurrection of Christ.

May we put our trust in God, may we see clearly, as God leads us as well as John’s original readers on a new Exodus to a new Promised Land.

Love, Martin 



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