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The Best Christmas Gift - plus a Heart Transplant

The Best Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift of a Heart Transplant

In the book of Ezekiel (36:26), God promises that Israel will be given a new heart and a new spirit - a heart transplant. At the first Christmas, that was fulfilled as Jesus was born in Israel - a Christmas gift to Israel and the world. Through his life, deeds and words he sought to guide and lead Israel in the right paths. He sought to win over hearts and minds, that they might have a new spirit within – a new spirit given by God’s Holy Spirit. This was the offer of a heart transplant.

 The New Heart Rejected

The leaders of Rome and Israel conspired to kill Jesus. The State did not want the heart transplant. Herod began it when he rejected the Christmas gift when he slaughtered children seeking to kill the babe Jesus. The State finally had its way (or thought it did) on the first Good Friday. But God the father had other ideas and brought Christ back to life. To all who believe and trust in him Christ is our beating heart, a heart transplant.

A Heart Transplant as We Contemplate

At Christmas we particularly focus on that first coming of Christ. We contemplate who Christ is, what the incarnation reveals about God, and all that began that day in Bethlehem. In this way we discover something of how the new beating heart can be our heart as well. So we can have a heart transplant - a further Christmas gift. As we dwell by the wooden manger and wooden cross a new spirit is born within us – and we are renewed and empowered by the Spirit of God who raised Jesus on Easter Day.

Let us celebrate. And contemplate Jesus. Let us dwell with Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds the Magi - and adore.

May Almighty God by the Spirit win over your heart ever more deeply as you ponder the wonderful Christmas gift of Jesus.

The Christmas Gift of a Heart Transplant for Others

May that beating heart within you go out into the world to seek in the power of the Spirit to challenge the powers and institutions that be, to speak words of truth and to be enacted love. Just like Jesus. That the heart of God may beat afresh in our communities and lives. May our world have a heart transplant! This is what the longing of Advent is all about. This is the Christmas gift offered to all the world, to each one of us.

May you and your community have a new heart.

The Best Christmas Gift - and Yet More

What a gift we celebrate this Christmas. The gift of Jesus. And the gift of a new heart, a heart transplant!

May you have a blessed Christmas. For God always gives us even more wonderfully than we bargain for.

Love, Martin



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