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The most valuable thing that this world affords

The Most Valuable Thing in the World

If you ever make a trip to the Tower of London, there you can see the Crown Jewels, surrounded by elaborate security, kept under glass. They feature in at least one heist movie.

Elaborate Security

There last Saturday at the Coronation much was on display. Crowns, gold, jewels. No doubt there was elaborate security there as well.

At the Coronation much of them was on display. Crowns, gold, jewels. 

When King Charles III was crowned, there on his head was this priceless weighty crown made of 22-carat gold weighing in over a kilogram. 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 4 rubies, and 269 pearls.

It is striking thought that amidst all the jewels, crowns and finery, this, not any of them, is "the most valuable thing".

How do you protect the most valuable thing in the world?

There is elaborate security to protect the Crown Jewels. What security do you have in place to protect you heart and your dwelling in the midst of this true wealth, truly the "most valuable thing" there is?

How do you secure the most valuable thing in the world

Psalm 19 verse 10 speaks of the commands of the Lord as more precious than much fine gold. God’s word is indeed the most valuable thing this world affords! It is God in Christ speaking to us every day.

What is your elaborate security?

The Crown Jewels are kept safe by elaborate security.  What are you and I doing to secure the most valuable thing in the world in your heart? - Not under glass, but in our hearts.

Love, Martin



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