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We all Need a Coronation

God Save the King!

When our late queen went home to our Lord last year, amongst the first words used were “God save the king”.

Yet only recently was there a Coronation.

You need a coronation

There is a difference between Charles becoming king and its proclamation in words and action and pageantry. King Charles himself needs to experience it, as does the nation.

For example, Charles III’s removing his outer robe before being anointed by the Archbishop was a sign of humility before God and the nation. It is not the sort of thing a power-hungry person is likely to warm to!

By this action both King Charles and we learnt something about his kingship.

Jesus’ disciples needed an equivalent. In some ways this is what the Ascension was, which we celebrated on Thursday. The disciples knew Jesus is king  - he had conquered death after all!

Gaping Mouths

However, ascending symbolically against all the laws of gravity into the sky-heavens, symbols of God’s over-arching presence (Psalm 19), inked it in.

It was spelt it to them as they looked upwards with gaping mouths and minds full of wonder.

It fully came home to them at Pentecost when the life of God's very self came upon them and into the heart of their lives and life together.

The disciples need a Coronation

It also spelt out what Jesus had said to Mary in the Garden of Resurrection, that they could no longer hang onto Jesus’ physical presence. 

They were called to discover the inner presence and Lordship of the Holy Spirit in each of their lives. Christ was to receive his Coronation in their hearts.


They must have found this traumatic! No wonder we read  that they were busily engaged in one mind in prayer until Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Prayer is a place of transition and preparation.

Do you need a Coronation?

What are you preparing for? How is God bringing change in your life? In what way is Jesus revealing himself to you as King of all? Do you need a Coronation?

Are you gaping upwards, or have you heard the message of the angel to proclaim God’s message of the kingdom in words and deed?

Love, Martin



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