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What is Success? Is it Celebrity Status?

Good morning

Celebrity Status

The world we live in today seems to be controlled by celebrity status. Success is judged by how much money and possessions we have. 

Young executives suffer from "burn out" because their whole lives are dedicated to earning more money and moving up the ladder.  Girls who are already attractive spend huge amounts of money on cosmetic surgery to attain the "perfect look". 

This is not how God wants us to live!

What is Success?

What is success? In Matthew 19 v.16-30 we have the story of the rich young man.  He had the equivalent of celebrity status. 

He asks Jesus what he must do to have eternal life.  He says he has always kept the commandments. But he knows he still doesn't have complete commitment.

What is really valuable? Is Celebrity Status worth handing onto?

Jesus challenges him to give away his great wealth, but this is the one thing he cannot do. His wealth is a prison and his possessions own him. 

Jesus knows if this man wants to be "perfect" - willing to give and receive from others - he must let go of his wealth which is closing his heart off from them. In the same way, even Celebrity Status is not success. It may need to be given away.

The treasure of his life was swamped and being done to death by outward trappings, by his celebrity status.

What is your Perfection?

Do we have our own version of perfection, possessions or habits we cling to in an attempt to be in control of our lives?

I have no control of my body or disabilities but I can control how they affect my life.  

What is Success?

What is success? We have to learn how to surrender everything, even celebrity status, to Jesus and find the freedom that's only possible with Him.

Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine.

"I surrender, I surrender, I surrender all to You". Amen.




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